17 paź 2012

Hallett Cinemas leverages Barco’s digital cinema technology innovation

Czas wymagany na przeczytanie: 1 min

When Hallett Cinemas decided to convert its theater circuit to digital, it made the most of Barco’s unique platform efficiencies when selecting its projectors. The company is taking full advantage of their modularity and energy efficiency to generate a quick payback, retrofitting them with projector-mounted exhaust fans and utilizing the less expensive/longer life lower-wattage lamps. Ray Hallett explains: "We're a ‘value-based’ company that believes it’s essential to consider the total cost of a product over its life cycle, not merely a low initial purchase price. I'm pleased my investigation has confirmed that Barco's DP2K-23B is a winner in both.”

Barco provided its industry-leading DLP Cinema projectors for 100 percent of Hallett’s 42-screen circuit, with sites located across Washington and Idaho. Hallett elected to double-stack many of its new Barco projectors to offer patrons a 3D movie experience two times brighter than industry standards In addition, by purchasing the same model (DP2K-23B) for every auditorium, Hallett Cinemas will reap the full benefits of Barco’s platform efficiencies to simplify maintenance and related costs, build flexibility into its theater operations, and show both 2D and 3D movies on any size screen, from its largest to smallest.