19 gru 2012

Barco’s world brightest projector chosen for première of Jackie Chan’s latest action movie ‘Chinese 12 Zodiacs’

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On 12 December last, the Hong Kong action movie ‘Chinese 12 Zodiacs’, directed by and starring the famous Jackie Chan, premièred at Beijing National Stadium. The première was full of Guinness World Record titles. Barco’s DP2K-32B projector, the brightest projector in the Guinness Book of World Records, was used to display the movie on the world’s largest screen (38m wide and 16m high). What’s more, Chan, himself, was awarded two Guinness World Record titles: one for holding the most credits in a movie and one for most stunts by a living actor.


'Chinese 12 Zodiacs' (CZ12) was completed after ten years' preparation and one year of shooting in ten cities spanning five countries. As an unprecedented action movie, this film is full of heart-pounding scenes including bare-knuckle fighting, gunfighting, passing through a volcano, multi-angle blowing-up scenes, etc. Barco's DP2K-32B projector, generally considered the brightest in the world, greatly helped bring the action alive and create a stunning, exciting experience for the audience.

The DP2K-32B projector was uniquely aligned with the world’s largest screen - 600 m2 and measuring 38mx16m – to ensure a premium image quality and immersive giant screen film experience. In the past few years, the projector has contributed to the premières of many Chinese blockbusters, including 'Back to 1942' (2012) and 'Aftershock' (2010), directed by Feng Xiaogang, and 'Let the Bullets Fly' (2010) by Jiang Wen.

Mr. Wang Zhonglei, President of Huayi Brothers Media, commented: “’CZ12’ is Jackie Chan’s last action movie without an action stuntman. It is a not-to-be-missed film. That has been firmly proven by the feedback from the audience at the première: everyone agreed that they had enjoyed an outstanding moviegoing experience.”

'Chinese Zodiac 12' will première throughout Asia this 20 December.