26 sty 2017

How does 3D projection work? Watch our video to find out!

Czas wymagany na przeczytanie: 1 min

3D is fascinating. It allows us to bring flat images to life in three dimensions. Over the years, 3D – and specifically 3D projection – has gotten much better than in the early days. Thanks to laser light sources, projectors can generate more brightness. And more brightness means better 3D image quality. Through high frame rate 3D, images become even more realistic. All these evolutions have led to a radically improved 3D viewing experience.

Watch the movie to learn more

Watch the video below to discover how 3D projection works and how the illusion of depth is created in an image. It shows how 3D images are generated from a projector and explains sequential stereo, active polarization, color separation 3D, and active 3D.

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On our educational page you'll find everything there is to know about 3D projection and the 3D compatibility of our projectors.