21 gru 2017

The secrets of UniSee Mount revealed

ISE Czas wymagany na przeczytanie: 1 min

UniSee Mount, the innovative video wall mounting structure that supports the Barco UniSee platform, was designed to counter the issues with existing mounting brackets. The goal was to create a video wall mount that guarantees precise installation and maintenance, ensures the smallest gap (at time of installation, but also over time), and allows easy expansion. The design team surprised everybody with a structure that contains so many bright ideas that we just had to write a technical paper to explain them all.

You might already know that gravity is a driving force of the UniSee Mount. But how exactly does that work? And why do we claim that installation is so much easier using the new mounting structure? Plus, which additional secrets are hidden behind these innovative mechanics?

This paper describes clearly the principles used to design the UniSee Mount. So here's your chance to learn all about the patented technology behind trouble-free alignment and easy servicing.

To paper download page

By the way, do you want to see how servicing works for the Barco UniSee platform? Then check out this small demo...