25 paź 2018

Barco Overture adds Higher Education to its target market

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Barco Overture, the campus-wide solution for A/V monitoring and control, will be represented at Educause (October 30 to November 2nd, 2018) in Booth #1615. The Overture software solution is rapidly gaining traction in education thanks to its powerful all-in-one monitoring and control features for managing classrooms, floors, building and multiple campus environments. Barco Overture is now partnering with educational institutes in addition to offering solutions to corporate enterprises. Overture has already been deployed successfully within the education space at a large university in the UK and proof of concept projects are currently in progress throughout Europe and the US.

Barco has successfully installed its Overture audiovisual monitoring and control software solution in numerous corporate environments, capturing all devices within the meeting rooms. The ease of deploying such a future proof solution allows IT and AV staff at companies to remotely monitor and control their existing control system. IT Directors from the education space have taken notice of this success in enterprise and over the past months and have reached out to the Barco Overture team to request for a solution to monitor, control and automate their existing audiovisual devices campus-wide.

Special Offer to Educational Institutes

Barco Education has a portfolio of solutions for the educational market designed specifically to enhance teaching and learning experiences within and beyond the classroom.  In light of this additional focus on the education market, Barco Overture is currently offering a Special Offer for Education to IT and AV staff members. This offer is perfect for staff at campus environments exploring new or complimentary solutions (for their existing control system) by remote monitoring and control capabilities for all of their rooms through a software-based approach.

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Upgrading to a future-proof software monitoring and control solution  

IT and AV staff in the US and Europe expressed an interest in upgrading their existing device monitoring and control systems on campus. Every time a new device is added or upgraded, the full control system needs to be re-programmed which takes time and costs money. This often leads to the system not being fully optimized until the resources are available to make changes. Overture addresses the challenges of programming by offering an easy-to-use configuration software tool that captures all devices (regardless of make or model) within an all-in-one monitoring and control solution.

"It’s a better way to monitor and control all the devices with a clear dashboard that contains relevant widgets allowing each user to proactively identify any trouble areas"
Jan van Houtte, Director of Product Management for Overture

IT and AV staff can now easily configure new devices themselves or hand off these requests to an external company offering managed services who would maintain the infrastructure remotely.

Come see a live demo during Educause in Denver from October 30 to November 2nd, 2018 in Booth #1615

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