1 lut 2019

ClickShare is secure – and we can now prove it

CLICKSHARE Czas wymagany na przeczytanie: 2 min

With all the security breaches, data leaks and hacking that take place, corporations are understandably careful about their security. Sharing and collaboration solutions obviously have a very important role to play, as they link with individuals’ computers and company’s IT infrastructure. So ClickShare’s recent ISO 27001 certification proves how far we go to secure these connections – and therefore our customers’ business.

Security threats can take different forms, but the most frequent are either the extraction of sensitive information, or attacks on a company’s core IT system. The result could be the leak of confidential information, the exploitation of customer data or attacks on the actual IT system itself.

What does Barco secure?

As part of the certification, Barco undertook a root-and-branch audit of everything related to development, sales, deployment and support of ClickShare. “No system can be 100% secure,” as David Martens, product security architect, points out. “What we have to ensure, therefore, is that we are proactive and that our response is ready to swing into action at short notice.”

The audit went deep into all the ClickShare development centers: Kortrijk, Taipei and Noida. The information security management in the development processes was assessed, right down to checking physical security such as badging and door procedures!

The path to continuous improvement

Barco started working on this back in 2017 already. “The ISO certification is valid for three years,” explains Patrick Depuydt, Information Security Management System coordinator. “But audits are run every year, which will enable us to work on continuous improvement.”

The ISO 27001 certification is also handy for companies considering Barco as a supplier. “Many have their own security questionnaires,” notes Martin Vanoost, Chief Information Security Office. “The certification will answer many of their concerns already.”