1 lut 2019

New UDXs offer more lumens in compact format for wide entertainment market

PREMIERA PRODUKTU - ISE - PROJEKTOR Czas wymagany na przeczytanie: 2 min

Two years ago we promised an unbelievable future with our UDX projectors: quicker installation, lower costs, 4K performance and amazing audience experiences. Now the future is back with a bang. From 20 to 40K. All up to 4K. All ready to roll.

They believed the unbelievable

Since the launch of the revolutionary UDX series in March 2017, Barco has unleashed more than 50 million lumens on the business. Partners from all over the world have shown their trust in the projectors for spectacular projections on some of the most iconic locations in the world. In Tibet, Lhasa, for example, eight UDXs were used for an inspiring projection mapping on a temple at an impressive height of 5,000 metres. Thanks to its rugged design, the compact series is also preferred by event partners in the music industry. The announcement of Britney Spears new Vegas tour on the MGMT hotel or the Night of the Proms in the Royal Albert Hall – all supported by our unbelievable UDX.  The installations in famous sports stadiums, like the Paris la Defense Arena, and various theme parks have shown that the projectors flexibility is also a perfect fit for the fixed AV market. 

UDX: A growing family

Now we are adding four more UDXs, two 26K and two 40K units, to complete the offer to their wide audience of users. These recent additions keep the same proof points as their predecessors. The resolution reaches 4K UHD, matching the widest color spectrum compared to other laser phosphor projectors in the market. Latency is kept at its lowest due to the Single Step Processing technology. And thanks to the Barco Pulse electronics the projectors have a recognizable user-friendly interface.

Same format, more lumens

With its 40,000 lumens, the UDX-40K is breaking multiple records! Thanks to its compact size it is the smallest DLP projector within the 30K to 40K range, and now it's also the brightest laser projector under 100kg/200lbs! The unique FLEX2 feature ensures partners get even more out of their investment. It allows users to regulate and adapt the brightness and resolution to their specific needs. This means fewer projectors are needed to cover a wider range of brightness levels and resolutions.

Find out why Barco believes their UDX is a must-have for projector fleets during ISE 2019 at RAI Amsterdam, February 5-8, 2019 (Hall 12 - F100 and in the Whisper Suite D503). Update: revisit the Barco 2019 ISE booth with this aftermovie.