19 mar 2020

Our sustainable design choices are the first steps towards your eco-friendly workplace

CLICKSHARE - ZRÓWNOWAŻONY ROZWÓJ Czas wymagany na przeczytanie: 2 min

Environment, eco-friendliness, sustainability: all topics of global concern that are also on Barco ClickShare’s radar. As a company we want to lower our environmental footprint and those of our customers. In our transparent ECO-label you can discover how ‘green’ our products actually are.

In developing the new ClickShare Conference range, the team was highly focussed on making ecological choices in design, performance, packaging and product lifecycle. Making both Button and Base Unit higher in power efficiency and lower in impact on environment, had become a key priority next to creating an intuitive, seamless wireless conferencing solution.

The smart ecodesign performance of our new range was reflected in:

  • Energy efficiency: the new Conferencing Button scores significantly higher in power efficiency than its predecessor. The Base Units comply with the strictest requirements for standby mode, which also helps customers to reduce their power consumption.
  • Material use: non-paint plastics were used in the materials of both Button and Base Units. In addition, halogen-free PCB is the preferred material for the Button.
  • Packaging and logistics: packaging materials were optimized on what the weight, size and transport of products is concerned. Our new Button is 20% lighter and decreases its ecological footprint in shipping.
  • Design for recycling: ClickShare Conference was smartly designed: it contains less parts and can easily be disassembled for recycling.

In designing our wireless conferencing solutions, we look for the best options for both customer and environment. Balanced, smart choices from our eco-conscious Product & Design team results in a great Ecoscore for our newest range.

Michaël Vanderheeren

Product Management Director Meeting Experience

Do you want to know more about Barco's ecoscoring methodology? Then check out the dedicated page!