29 cze 2020

Keep improving your diagnostic workflow with our new generation of medical display controllers

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Now more than ever, radiologists are faced with many challenges. They have more and more cases to handle, which are also becoming ever more complex. In addition, there is a shortage in colleagues, so the workload per radiologist is rising steadily. The way forward? Efficiency.

It’s important for radiologists to think about what can make their workflow run more smoothly. In many cases, quality and compliance management can be improved. Another issue is the fact that the images they work with often originate from multiple modalities and are both in greyscale and in color. And on top of that, it’s as clear as water that sustainable solutions are the way forward.

These are trends that will not diminish in the future. On the contrary! That’s why, at Barco, we are striving to support radiologists along every step of the way. Today, that’s by releasing a brand-new series of display controllers – the heart of your medical display.

Performance, longevity, support

The display controller is an important link between the computer and what a radiologist sees on a medical display – it’s an indispensable part of your workstation. The better it functions, the more fluent you’ll be able to work.

With the new series, you’ll enjoy high-resolution images without interruptive long loading times. The display controllers were developed with long-term availability and lifetime in mind. You’ll enjoy a 5-year warranty, and the boards are proof against extensive or even 24/7 use.

On top of that, the series also supports additional features, such as our Intuitive Workflow Tools. They guarantee the necessary performance and expected support for medical use.

The series consists of 4 different brand-new cards, for all types of diagnostic workstations. Discover them here!