1 lip 2020

Your next video wall: configure and see what it will look like

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It’s not easy to visualize the indoor video wall that best suits your application. You will have operational, business or experience requirements that will need to be realized. Having the ability to see how this can look within an environment and using the option for different technologies is a real benefit when investigating video walls. To make things a bit easier for you, Barco introduced the video wall configurator. This online tool allows you to fully configure a video wall and immediately get an impression of how it will look within your specific environment. The very popular online video wall configurator is now upgraded with several additional features, including configuring direct-view LED video walls, curvature options and display height.

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Since its introduction 3 years ago, Barco’s online video wall configurator has helped many users to get a visual idea of a video wall and provide the technical information needed within their room. Up to now, only tiled LCD  and rear-projection video walls were available within this tool. The new configurator version adds direct-view LED walls, drastically expanding the tool’s possibilities. Furthermore, also the number of room types is enhanced. Now you can configure a video wall in a control room, corporate lobby, television studio, standard room or meeting room.

video wall configurator blog post image
Step by step towards your optimal video wall

The online video wall configurator is extremely intuitive and easy to use. First, choose the technology you want (LCD, RPC or LED). Then choose a room type, which you can configure to your requirements. Then the display type and specific product, next the number of rows and columns, the height from the floor and orientation can all be tailored to whatever suites your needs best. You can also add your own content, so it represents your environment or application.

Done? Now you have an impression of how the video wall will look in your environment. Satisfied with your design? Then you can also view the technical specification or download your personal configuration sheet that contains technical drawings plus advice and information that will help you with your operational, business, application or experience requirements.