10 wrz 2020

The next level for OR efficiency and effectiveness

OPIEKA ZDROWOTNA - USŁUGA Czas wymagany na przeczytanie: 2 min

We all want things to go right in the OR. Wouldn’t you, if you were a surgeon? Or a nurse, patient, family member or friend? Going the extra mile is a basic ingredient in a hospital’s most critical spaces. That counts for the medical staff, but just as well for the technology they’re working with.

So many ORs!

Every hospital has its technical staff that supports the daily operation of its infrastructure. For operating rooms, biomedical engineers play a major role in this management. Still, many ORs are also co-managed on a higher level by service managers and engineers of the integrator that supplied them.

Imagine how many ORs they have to keep track of: located in different hospitals, that on their own sometimes consist of multiple facilities across different regions or even countries. The solution to keeping track of such a large install base, lies where nowadays many solutions lie: in the cloud.

Today we’re launching NexxisCare, to back OR integrators, service managers and biomedical engineers in their efforts to support – and enhance – the smooth operation of the operating room.

From top to bottom

NexxisCare is a cloud-based software system that gives a comprehensive overview of the user’s install base and its problems – up to the smallest fiber cable. The system makes it possible to act on warnings before they become errors (and if they still do so, to solve them faster).

All of this is streamlined in a nice, intuitive layout that transforms complex OR setups into clear visuals, making it super easy to work with. The system is based on Nexxis’s basic concepts of network connectivity, solution simplicity and surgical focus.


Service managers will be able to track their ORs better, and rely on remote monitoring and troubleshooting. The ORs themselves will suffer less from downtime or unplanned costs, and enjoy an improved turnaround time and higher return on investment.

In short, NexxisCare is a unique extra layer supporting the OR’s reliability.