10 lis 2020

What if you want to use a 3D endoscope in your OR?

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Nexxis is a video integration platform specifically designed for the digital operating room, to help meet the most urgent needs of the surgical team such as precise images, efficient workflow, and maximum flexibility. Nexxis is the cornerstone of any integrated, hybrid or interventional operating room. Learn more about 3D imaging in the OR, and its requirements, in our new ‘What if’ video!

Endoscopic surgery: its benefits and pitfalls

Many years ago, endoscopic imaging changed the way surgery was done. Endoscopes made minimally invasive surgery possible, which reduced the time spent in the OR and increased the healing speed of the patient.

Still, a big drawback to this new method is the loss of depth perception. That makes it difficult for the surgeon to see, for example, how close a tumor is to nerves or tissue behind it. Most common surgeries can safely be done in 2D, but rather complex surgeries do require a deeper view.

3D imaging restores depth perception, so the surgeon can optimize their hand-eye coordination. With 3D imaging, you can accurately visualize differences in form, shape and size, and correctly interpret distances.

Introducing 3D imaging in an OR

Many different standards exist to send out 3D video: line interleaved, side-by-side, dual stream, etc. Their wide makes it very complex to add a 3D source in an existing integration. And when the 3D source needs to be shown on a combination of 2D and 3D displays, it becomes even more complex to install.

Therefore, when choosing a video integration system for your hospital, it is important to keep in mind whether 3D imaging is, or will be, part of your surgical practice; and which requirements come with it. Because when done right, a video integration system that supports 3D endoscopic imaging over the network creates a whole new range of possibilities for OR staff doing complex, minimally invasive interventions.

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