3 maj 2021

Why this is, surprisingly, the best time to invest in a corporate video wall

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Here we are, in the midst of the worst pandemic the world has known in our lifetime. Quite some corporations are thinking of downsizing seating to reduce operating costs. Then it might come as a surprise this is also the best time to invest in a large video wall. However, there are so many arguments pro a video wall in your organization, it’s hard to ignore their call. Let’s list them all.

Engage your employees

One of the biggest challenges these days, is employee engagement. A majority of the staff is working from home, and while some are really eager to get back with their colleagues, others have grown used to the advantages of this new way of working – with the absence of commuting on top. Returning to the office may then be somewhat of a burden.

By exciting the employees to return you can make the trip to the office more than worthwhile. Focusing on employee experience and creating impressive environments is an important plus in this process. Your lobby for example, is an excellent example to engage and impress your workforce by showing both informative and inspiring messages and images on a large video wall. It is a place that every employee passes at least twice a day, so everybody knows what is going on inside the company.

Wow every visitor

In a market with shrinking business potential, it is very important to stand out. Many companies fight for the same deal, and brand excellence is in many cases a dealmaker or -breaker. So, make sure that potential customers really want to visit your site, by offering them a great visual experience. A video wall in your lobby and/or experience center will definitely do the trick.

By the way, the same goes for attracting (and retaining) talent. A vibrant place to work will surely increase their eagerness to work for you!

A comfortable boardroom video walls

Now let’s talk about social distancing. It’s a word we have all learned to hate thoroughly, but which will probably remain a necessity for years to come. The time when we were all cramped up in a small meeting room with 7 people seems to be over, so the need for larger meeting rooms rises. What was once the size of a boardroom has become the size of a meeting room – and the boardroom will become… well, even bigger! Larger rooms need larger displays, and the new boardroom video wall will let all participants comfortably see the screen.

Raise brainstorming to a new level

For most meeting rooms, a really large canvas is not necessary. When restricting yourself to one presentation or one spreadsheet, there is plenty of space on the regular screen. There is one exception however, and that’s brainstorming sessions. For these occasions, you really want the comfort to show multiple ideas on the screen, combine them, and add some additional visuals on the fly. What’s more, when some of the participants are working remotely, you can display their cameras on the screen while using the rest of the canvas for the brainstorm. This will encourage them to participate more and enable the in-room participants to read their body language. The result? Better brainstorming outcomes!

Having one special brainstorming room in your building, equipped with a large video wall, will thus foster collaboration within your team and challenge them even more to come up with innovative ideas. You can also use the same environment to pitch these ideas to potential customers!

Projection, LCD or LED?

Are you excited about video walls already? Then all you need to do is to pick your preferred technology. Barco is one of the few companies to offer all relevant visualization technologies for your corporate environments: projection, LCD and LED, complete with a portfolio of video wall controllers. They all have their advantages in terms of budget, flexibility and use, so which is the best technology for you really will depend on your space and application.

One final word on the use of LED in workplace environments. Although this technology has been around for quite a long time, it was almost never considered in corporate settings. The many advantages of LED, including seamless canvas, astonishing images and future-proof investment, were rarely used because of budget reasons. The price drop in recent years, however, made sure LED has become in the budget range of most organizations. It is therefore a good idea not to discard LED in the first phase and have a good look at what this technology has to offer!