7 gru 2021

EVS and Barco API integration: One tool, full control of your auditorium.

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With livestreams and hybrid sessions on the rise, the AV installations in auditoriums and conferencing venues are becoming increasingly professional, sizeable, and complex. Where previously an intercom system and a simple webcam sufficed, today’s venues are equipped with multiple professional PTZ cameras, automated video switchers, live-streaming services, and large high bandwidth networks to facilitate all the AVoIP signals. The installation and control of these venues become more challenging and interoperability between the various required devices is essential to fulfill the customer needs, while keeping complexity as low as possible. That’s why Barco and EVS have invested in the integration of their tools: EVS Cerebrum and Barco Event Master systems.


While the Barco image processing systems come with a purpose-built, straightforward interface, Barco also allows all of its processors to be controlled by third party systems via several APIs. With the help of Barco, EVS implemented the Event Master system API in their control system Cerebrum allowing operators to manage multiple device signals without too much complexity.

Cerebrum can fully control the operational side of Barco’s screen management systems. Using the feature-rich capabilities of handling both IP as well as baseband (SDI) environments and devices, routing all your sources and destinations to and from the system has become very easy.

Because of the long list of implemented APIs and protocols, Cerebrum enables you to manage camera switching, streaming, intercom, audio mixing, lighting control and much more using the same application. This way, operators don’t have to continuously switch between various applications to change configurations or perform certain actions.

Interface example: In this interface you can control the inputs and outputs of the E2 system (which screen should show which source) as well as controlling intercom, PTZ camera's, lighting equipment, audio mixers, presentations and launching salvos and macros. 


For more info on this new integration with our Event Master platform, please check the leaflet or contact your sales representative.