3 mar 2022

Your checklist to a hybrid organization

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How do you get started with hybrid work? How can you set up and facilitate seamless collaboration when your workers are partly in-office and partly remote?

Here’s a checklist that can help. Please note, that there is no such thing as a one-fits-all model for hybrid work and meeting. Flexibility will be key in your hybrid organization.

Gear up workspaces
Home office design
  • Check if home workers are equipped for separate workstations with a decent chair, table and proper lighting.
  • Define if you will intervene in costs to adapt the home office or in financial contribution for energy, heating or internet.
Office design
  • How will you organize office space and meeting rooms?
    • Do you need more video-enabled rooms or huddle spaces?
    • Have you considered Activity-Based workspaces?
    • Check with the colleagues from Facility. A redesign of office space is not done overnight.
Invest in the right tech
Home office tech
  • Make sure home workers are equipped with the following basics
    • laptop, keyboard and mouse
    • extra monitor or webcam
    • noise-cancelling headphones
    • high-speed internet connection
    • access to company data and platforms
Office design
  • Do you need additional investments in video collaboration tools for meeting rooms?
  • What UC&C platforms are preferred?
  • Involve the colleagues from IT timely. You need their help to roll out and implement this new virtual approach to working. You might need additional platforms for communication, file storage, project management, and more.
Connecting home & office
  • Can you work and connect home and office securely? Cyber security issues may arise when you want access company data remotely.
  • Reflect on collaboration technology and video collaboration solutions. A well set-up meeting room makes the experiences for all users seamless, no matter if they are in-office or remote.
Get everyone on board
  • Communicate & get frequent feedback
  • Can you include hybrid into the company culture? Find ways to stimulate teambuilding, connection and collaboration between colleagues.
  • How will you update and improve the policy? Get regular feedback and re-evaluate when needed.
  • How will you communicate the new rules and regulations?
  • Can you use hybrid work as conversation starter when recruiting? Don’t forget about new hires and onboarding!
  • Train & educate workers in video collaboration.
  • Go for simple and user-friendly tech solutions.