19 lip 2022

Targeted digital signage messages from Korbyt Anywhere through your ClickShare room system

SPOTKANIA HYBRYDOWE - CLICKSHARE Czas wymagany na przeczytanie: 2 min

Communication has become more challenging in the hybrid workplace. With people variably working from home and in the office, it has become more difficult to reach employees and visitors with the right messages at the right time. And yet, in a hybrid workplace, employees still like to come to the office to have effective, in-person meetings, either or not with additional remote participants.

ClickShare and Korbyt Anywhere are now capitalizing on these trends to improve communication in the workplace. With the Korbyt Anywhere content platform and ClickShare, you can use every available screen in a ClickShare-equipped meeting room as digital signage to engage with people. When it’s not used for presenting, your meeting room screen can display targeted content that informs and activates employees and visitors.

As organizations continue to encourage employees to return to the office, our purpose is to make their workplace experience stellar. Aligning with Barco on this initiative makes it easy for our shared customers to maximize their IT investments and use ClickShare products and Korbyt Anywhere’s CMS to communicate and engage with the employees that surround all the meeting room and collaborative displays available in their facilities.

Ankur Ahlowalia

CEO of Korbyt Anywhere

From collaboration canvas to digital signage

Korbyt Anywhere is a workplace experience platform that enables companies to reach their workforce to deliver relevant content, data, and information, or enable easy access to the systems and resources on any screen, anywhere. Organizations can use Korbyt Anywhere to reach and communicate with their entire workforce through its omnichannel products — digital signage, desktop and mobile devices, and email inboxes. 

By using your ClickShare meeting room system as a digital signage player, you are taking advantage of the short, but valuable moments right before and after meetings. It’s during these moments, when the display is not used for presenting or conferencing, that organizations can effectively reach their audience with focused information, such as welcome messages, news, social feeds, customized, branded content, and more. 

Make the most of your meeting room technology

Combining ClickShare and Korbyt Anywhere platform is a great way to make the most out of your meeting room technology and to maximize your return on investment. With no additional need for a separate media player or screen, you can use ClickShare as an enterprise-grade digital signage player to impress, inspire and inform meeting room visitors through the meeting room displays across your facility.

IT managers can use their ClickShare room systems and the Korbyt Anywhere platform to drive the initial adoption of digital signage in the workplace. For example, they can simply start by offering basic digital signage at one location, and easily scale their digital signage capabilities across the facility when needed. 

Easy to use and manage

The Korbyt Anywhere media platform and ClickShare room system make a powerful combination. Content managers can take full control over their media and easily create branded communications from pre-existing templates or create custom layouts. Then they can publish their content to any ClickShare-equipped meeting room, regardless of screen size or configuration. The Korbyt Anywhere platform is easy to install and set up, with little or no training required. 


Conveying your brand identity and informing employees is not easy in a time where hybrid and remote work is the norm. With Korbyt Anywhere and ClickShare being fully integrated, organizations now have more opportunities to reach their dispersed workforce and visitors with the right information in the place where they still spend much of their valuable office time: the meeting room.

Johan Pirot

Head of MX Initiatives & Strategic Partnerships at Barco