7 wrz 2022

Demetra and Gnosco merge into new digital health skin solutions company

OPIEKA ZDROWOTNA Czas wymagany na przeczytanie: 2 min

News alert! Today, our Demetra skin imaging solution has merged with Gnosco, a leading European teledermatology business. The new entity is a Barco company named Dermicus, taking the name of one of Gnosco’s existing solutions. It will deliver teledermatology, telewoundcare and digital dermoscopy solutions, including our Demetra skin imaging platform.

A seamless fit

As a brand-new company, Dermicus will help clinicians transform the diagnostic and treatment processes of skin conditions – when and where patients need it.

The result will be a unique end-to-end offering, for both specialist clinicians and collaborative networks of primary care professionals, dermatologists, and wound care specialists.

“The synergy between our cultures, mission, and solutions will bring tremendous value to our clients. Gnosco has the experience of leading teledermatology implementations at scale in Sweden and the UK, while Demetra has built a strong client base in dermatology. Together we can accelerate our vision of helping our clients transform the way they diagnose and manage skin conditions,” says Dermicus CEO Peter Kinhan.

A dermatologist using the Demetra Scope to view a lesion on a patient's cheek

Entrepreneurship & expertise

Both Gnosco and our own Healthcare division were built in close collaboration with healthcare experts. And this will continue in the future. Barco’s Peter Kinhan is Dermicus’s CEO, and Gnosco’s co-founders, Daniel Eliasson and Dr Johan Heilborn, started their leadership roles as COO and CMO.

COO Daniel Eliasson, reacts: “This represents an important next step for Dermicus after years of investment and learning from leading some of Europe’s larger teledermatology implementations. As a combined team we can now expand to new regions and deepen our capabilities in telewoundcare and artificial intelligence, and continue to build on our new vision for digital dermoscopy.”