3 lis 2022

UDM. M is for Most lightweight and compact 30K category projector.

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Technical superiority, astonishing versatility and remote connectivity… When designing the UDM three years ago, we made zero concessions to give you the best there is. Today we set the bar even higher improving the platform’s efficiency, launching two new 30K category projectors and introducing a brightness upgrade path. Because UDM: the M is still for more!

With over 1000 units installed in the field; you could say the UDM is our battle-proven 3-DLP 4K laser projection platform for medium brightness applications. The award-winning flagship series, termed by customers as ‘the full package’, brings dazzling color performances in a roadworthy yet compact design. And now, we’re bringing even more.

The Royal Albert Hall is a national treasure. When the iconic concert hall started planning for its 150th anniversary, we were selected as AV partners. To support the extensive musical agenda with on-stage visuals, we needed projectors that would ensure high-quality images, reliability and user-friendly operation. Bringing the full package, the Barco UDM perfectly fitted the bill to deliver the most unforgettable celebration event.

- Craig Lawrence, Video and Projects Director at SFL

Pic © Christine Goodwin & Annabel Moeller

More lumens, same weight

To start with, you can now pre-order the brand-new UDM-4K30  and UDM-W30  units. These extend our 3-chip DLP portfolio, perfectly suited for outdoor projection mappings and live events. Weighing less than 50 kgs, these are the most compact and lightest projectors on the market in its class.

In addition, you’ll soon be able to upgrade the brightness levels of your UDM-4K22  and UDM-W22  to the brightness of a UDM-4K/W30. This upgrade path, available by mid-2023, will enable existing customers to increase the flexibility of their fleet, optimize the future-proofness of their devices and maximize the return on their original investment.

And while the compact and light-weight design of the UDM saves you lots of installation time and reduces shipping and labor costs, it never compromises on the quality of your projection delivering impactful 4K experiences with mind-blowing colors and best-in-class 4K UHD processing at lowest latency thanks to the premium 2560x1600 DMD chip.



More sustainability

To conclude, the launch of a product is never the end of the journey. On the contrary. Once launched, our teams start their work on continuous improvement. As a result, we can now announce that we increased the energy efficiency of the UDMs with 15%. In fact, the UDM-30 units use 30% less power than its competitors in the same lumen category! Learn more about the UDM ecoscoring here.