5 gru 2022

Gripping stories told through subtle projections in MigratieMuseumMigration

Czas wymagany na przeczytanie: 2 min

The museum MMM (MigratieMuseumMigration) is a fairly new venue in Brussels, Belgium, themed around the story of migration. In an inclusive, interactive and emphatic manner, the MMM exhibitions tell the personal stories of the first generation of guest immigrant workers, expatriates, war refugees, Europeans who moved freely within the EU and everyone in between.

Recently, they updated their exhibition space with Barco technology supporting the gripping testimonials with subtle projections. The Migration Museum approached Ocular, creator of interactive (AV) experiences, to add an extra dimension to one of their permanent exhibitions. The experience in question, with content produced by Yondr, shows visitors what it is like to cross the sea as a migrant. The subtle projection and various props make it seem like you're in the wreck yourself.

“Admittedly, the challenging thing about this installation was showcasing the touching subject with respect and engaging visitors in a serene way,” says Sofie Desombere from Ocular. “We therefore chose to work with ultra-thin projection surfaces, obtaining a hologram effect without detracting from the wreckage that lies in space.”

Three Barco G60-W7 projectors were installed in the room. The nearly invisible projectors are chosen to put immersivity and storytelling first, as their compact size, ultra-short throw lenses and silent performances allow for an undisturbed experience.

The combination of the gripping content, ultra-thin mesh canvases and high-quality compact Barco projectors is what makes the difference for this experience. One which surely leaves a lasting emphatic impression on visitors.