12 sty 2024

And the Academy Award goes to Barco!

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It’s Oscars® season again, and this year, a Barco team is on the guest list. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is rolling out the red carpet for Wouter D’Oosterlinck, VP R&D, Goran Stojmenovik, R&D Director, and Peter Janssens, Sr. Expert Optical Design. On February 23, they will be honored with a prestigious Scientific and Engineering Academy Award for their contribution to the design and development of laser projection in cinema. Also among the winners is Barco's EVP of Cinema, Gerwin Damberg, for his contribution to the Dolby Cinema system development.

Barco Cinema wins Academy Awards

90 years of innovation

“Innovation has been running through our veins for 90 years and the recognition by the Academy is nothing less than historical. We are extremely proud that our team is added to the exclusive list of winners of a Scientific and Engineering Academy Award,” comments An Steegen, co-CEO of Barco. “We have been visioneering in cinema technology and the motion picture industry for over 25 years and this achievement is a testament to our leadership and commitment to the industry.”

Leading the way in laser

Barco's laser projection technology has reshaped the cinema market. Powering more than 55% of the world’s movie theaters and with over 30,000 Barco laser projectors installed globally, Barco is the trusted choice for exhibitors to transition to laser. The shift from lamp-based to laser-based cinema projection was driven by the industry’s need for high brightness, requiring unique technology to address screen size, color gamut, and lifetime. Considering that all cinema projectors used lamps in 2014, laser projection has transformed the industry in under 10 years.

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