15 cze 2023

ASC Hollywood home outfitted with Barco Freya projector

Czas wymagany na przeczytanie: 2 min

The American Society of Cinematographers (the ASC), founded in 1919, is an invitation-only organization that recognizes industry professionals in the Director of Photography and Visual Effects fields. Membership has become a mark of prestige, as the title of ASC member is considered one of the highest honors a Hollywood Industry professional can receive.

The Clubhouse, located in the heart of Hollywood, is used as a gathering place for ASC members and houses an impressive collection of cameras, lenses, and other artifacts of early motion picture history. And now Barco also has a spot in this prestigious and historic space, because the longtime Hollywood home of the American Society of Cinematographers is equipped with Barco Residential's high-end Freya projector.

The Freya is a 4K, three-chip DLP, RGB-laser projector capable of 7,500 ANSI lumens with Rec2020 colors. What’s more, it is considered the reference for DCI workflows and content.

Our Barco experts teamed up with colleagues from APC Cinema and Fantastic Theaters to install and calibrate the projector. Finally, the new Barco Freya was revealed at the annual ASC BBQ for members, family and sponsors early June; and was already put to good use during with a full week of screenings during the International Cinematography Summit for a demanding audience of 60 Directors of Photography.

Barco is thrilled to have started this journey together with the ASC and wishes them many more years of great cinematographic storytelling.

ASC Hollywood home outfitted with Barco Freya projector (newsroom)