13 maj 2024

Barco’s Cinema Team Heads to Cannes 2024

Czas wymagany na przeczytanie: 2 min

Barco is heading back to Cannes for a series of special screenings in HDR by Barco. From May 16 -22, the team will showcase critically-acclaimed titles from around the world, prepared for and screened in the groundbreaking HDR by Barco format. The carefully curated slate highlights festival winners from Belgium, Italy, Germany, and the United States, making their debut in breathtaking Barco High Dynamic Range (HDR) Lightsteering. Barco’s HDR film series will be held May 16 – 22 in theater 8 at the Cinéum Cannes theater. 


Each film selected for the showcase has been meticulously prepared for cinematic HDR presentation using Barco’s just-launched HDR by Barco ecosystem to bring the filmmaker’s vision to life in a format unmatched by anything previously available for premium cinema. Powered by Barco’s patented Lightsteering technology, HDR by Barco projectors redistribute light within each frame, resulting in brighter highlights and deeper darks for rich, brilliant, high-contrast images.


HDR by Barco leverages Lightsteering projection to deliver premium cinema HDR presentation through the strategic deployment of laser light onscreen. Developed as the answer to the studios’ new DCI HDR recommendations for the next-generation of bright cinema technology, Barco’s HDR product suite includes cinema projection, as well as post-production tools and technology designed to enable a seamless content pipeline from studio to theater screens.


HDR by Barco is the most recent addition Barco’s portfolio of award-winning laser cinema technologies that power movie experiences at the top cinema operators around the world.


Barco’s Cannes HDR screening series runs May 16 – 22, 2024 in auditorium 8 at the Cinéum Cannes theater in, Cannes, France. The HDR by Barco Cannes film series movie titles and screening schedule will be announced on Monday. For more information and updates visit: