13 sie 2018

Cineplex renews with Barco Laser at popular South Bank Brisbane cinema

Czas wymagany na przeczytanie: 4 min

Barco projection to delight millions at premier lifestyle and cultural destination

Cinionic continues to lead the digital cinema renewal wave, deploying Barco projectors across the Australian continent. The latest is an exclusive deal with Cineplex, elevating movie showings with Barco Smart Laser projectors at the South Park Brisbane theater.

After experiencing overwhelmingly positive results with a new Flagship Laser projector in its giant screen auditorium, Cineplex decided to replace its remaining projectors at the venue with Barco Smart Laser. The exhibitor also installed a Barco laser projector at its Hawthorne cinema.

Brilliant, immersive imagery envelops audience into the story

“Our guests have been thrilled with the brilliant quality of our premium screen showings powered by the top-of-the-line Barco laser projector we acquired last year,” comments Leo Catalano, owner of Cineplex.  “When it came time to update our other auditoriums, Barco Laser from Cinionic was the obvious choice: not only because of the excellent brightness and rich color fidelity, but also the company’s dedicated customer service and support.”

With Barco Laser, characters come to life and scenery pops on screen, thanks to a wide color gamut, stunning brightness and high contrast. The audience is immersed in the story like never before. Movie exhibitors benefit from the higher operational efficiency of Smart Laser, in addition to consistent brightness and image quality over a long lifetime.

A special movie experience for every guest!

“We are always overjoyed to see high-quality cinemas opt for an all-laser solution for their multiplex,” comment Craig Manser, Account Manager at Cinionic. “With Barco Smart Laser, every guest can enjoy an amazing cinema experience in which they’ll feel transported into the story.”