17 maj 2018

Experience the power of innovation at CinemaCon!

Czas wymagany na przeczytanie: 3 min

Visit us at CinemaCon in Las Vegas, April 23-26 to celebrate the birth of our new brand Cinionic and see what it means for your future success! 

  • Cinema solutions that enable you to wow moviegoers 
  • Mind-blowing service models that give you peace of mind
  • Flexible use of capital that allows you to make the right investments

Experience first-hand how Cinionic can partner with you to help you differentiate your moviegoing experiences for a new generation.

Witness the stunning image quality of our Smart High Contrast projector, the first laser projector of its kind for smaller screens. 

Learn how you can drive higher customer engagement through immersive, interactive entertainment with our turnkey Lobby Solutions.

Get all the benefits of laser when you upgrade your current projectors with our cost-effective laser retrofit modules.

Shhhh – be the first to experience a TOP SECRET, pioneering concept that boosts movie image quality to never-before-seen levels!

See them in action!

See these solutions in living color at CinemaCon at Caesars Palace from April 24-26 at the Milano and Neopolitan ballrooms.

Join us at our beer bar

Come celebrate our new company and enjoy some of the world’s finest brews at our celebration party. Join us at the Neptune Pool on Wednesday, April 25 for unique refreshments and surprise entertainment!