14 gru 2018

Kuwaiti cinema giant trusts Cinionic to leave visitors speechless

Czas wymagany na przeczytanie: 3 min

This summer, the Kuwait National Cinema Company (KNCC) opened an all-laser movie theater in the premier Al-Kout Mall, the country’s largest waterfront shopping and entertainment center. “Our new multiplex Cinescape theater in Al-Kout sets the bar high with cutting-edge technology that leaves moviegoers speechless,” says Khaled Al-Marzooq, business development manager at KNCC. “And we have Cinionic to thank for that.”

Cinionic provided laser projectors for all nine state-of-the-art theaters at Al-Kout Mall, all featuring advanced cinema technologies. The cinema is the first in the region to operate a high-contrast laser projector, one of Barco’s Flagship range.

Khaled Al-Marzooq: “Kuwaiti moviegoers have always been a very demanding audience, but with these next-generation cinema experiences, even they are left speechless.”