16 maj 2018

Looking back on an amazing CinemaCon

Czas wymagany na przeczytanie: 3 min

It was great seeing so many of our cinema friends again this year at CinemaCon! It was a special edition for us as we launched our new “Cinionic” brand to the world, presenting a new era in cinema innovation. 

We also delighted visitors with brand new experiences, from Barco Smart Laser high contrast projectors to interactive VR gaming, showcasing all the ways we’re driving WOW experiences for moviegoers.  We received very positive feedback from many of you and look forward to fueling your future success.

Watch the video below to relive our show!

Bringing the lobby to life with VR/MR gaming

Guests were treated to action-packed augmented reality multi-player gaming demos where cell phones and tablets became controllers. Our new AdPod offered another game of skill, while our fast-paced Family VR experience featuring the popular Fruit Ninja® game app was a truly energetic social experience! 

Discover the game here:

A window into the future of cinema

We also amazed customers and partners with our Vision 2020 concept. This developing technology powers brilliant, ultra-realistic imagery enhancing human emotions, and revealing dynamic shades of cinemascapes to bring the movie director’s vision and characters to life on screen.