31 lip 2018

Theater Pole Pole thrills audiences with Barco laser

Czas wymagany na przeczytanie: 2 min

Japanese movie fans are in for a treat next time they visit the Pole Pole theater in Onahama: nine brand new Barco laser projectors will present movies in dazzling brightness and vibrant color.

With several theaters located across the Fukushima prefecture, Pole Pole Cinemas Iwaki Onahama wanted to boost its brand and create a competitive edge with the highest quality cinema experience possible. Based on their confidence in Barco’s global leadership in cinema, they purchased several Smart Laser projectors with Barco Alchemy on board.

Barco solutions lead the industry
“As a long-time customer of Barco, we’ve been very satisfied with the performance and image quality of their projectors. After seeing the Smart Laser models at CineAsia and CinemaCon, we were positively impressed with the wide product range and deep competence,” comments Shusuke Suzuki, the owner of the cinema.

Simplicity and staffing efficiency
Another benefit of Barco laser projectors for Pole Pole was their simplified operation compared to the relative difficulty in maintaining lamp-based solutions. Staffing can be a challenge: it’s not easy to find technical people with the ability to swap lamps. Now, Pole Pole can solve its hiring dilemma and increase staff productivity with employees who can run the box office, concessions, theater management system (TMS) and handle other simple assignments. 

“We’re excited to see Pole Pole enjoy all the advantages of Barco laser,” comments Serge Plasch, Chief Commercial Officer at Cinionic. “With these industry-leading solutions, they can deliver the best moviegoing experiences in the region while simplifying their operations.”