10 paź 2023

Continuing to transform training into instincts, with expanded F400 projector range

Czas wymagany na przeczytanie: 3 min

Power, speed and precision. These are the trademarks of Barco’s F400 simulation projectors. And we have exciting news: 2 new projectors join this range! The F400-4K is a powerful laser projector with up to 4K resolution, and the FS400-4K adds NVG stimulation to the mix. They join the F400-N4K projectors (with resolutions of up to 6K and beyond) to complete the portfolio. This makes the expanded F400 range the optimal choice for highly demanding training & simulation applications.

Training and simulation is arguably the most demanding market for projectors. Latency must be extremely low, image quality needs to be exquisite, while the equipment is required to be rugged enough to withstand the pressure of motion platforms. That is why Barco designs projectors tailored specifically to this market. The F400 range is part of the flagship products of our exhaustive simulation portfolio, and couples the high bandwidth capacity of the Pulse software architecture with the fastest processing for incredibly high quality, smooth image performance at minimal latency.

High speed, high resolution

The WQXGA (2560 x 1600) native resolution of the new F400-4K, which can be lifted to 4K using the powerful built-in pixel-shift capability, brings any simulation content to life with excellent detail and precision. Need even more details? Then you need the F400-N4K, with its native resolution of 4K and possibility to pixel-shift to 6K. 

Thanks to the next generation Barco Pulse, the F400-4K has a processing speed up to 120 Hz at native WQXGA. The F400-N4K can even go up to 240 Hz at native 4K resolution. This makes sure that even the fastest moving scenarios show all details. A dedicated FS400 series, designed for NVG stimulation applications, features a powerful IR light source with increased intensity.

F400-HR projector on black beauty shot

Clever design for higher reliability

The clever design of the F400 series includes using a static phosphor plate in the illumination path instead of a phosphor wheel. This means the F400 is a true solid-state projector with no moving parts. What’s more, the unique H-beam shaped aluminum core gives the projector a perfect weight distribution with the electronics, hardware and software built around the core. Maintenance staff can access the components from both top and bottom if required. This also protects the F400 series against shocks and vibration and makes it ideal to be mounted on fast moving motion platforms. 

For the most extreme situations, we’ve even designed optional lens support kits that really stiffens the entire structure throughout; from the external lens, through all its internal lenses to the engine with prisms and imager chip, making the range even more reliable and shock resistant.

Interested to know more about our large portfolio of projectors for training and simulators? Then find out more on this dedicated page, or get in touch for an in-depth discussion.