#TRENDING: The future of event technology

Want to know what the next generation of image processing and projection platforms will be all about? This page is the place to be. We went into the industry, consulted our peers and interviewed our core partners about ongoing trends. In a five-part video series, our colleagues Wouter Bonte, Robbie Bruce and Alexis Skatchkoff will let you in what we’ve learned from these conversations and what it means for our visioneering views on the next-gen live events solutions.

Why AVoIP should be in your DNA

In this first episode, the guys talk about the benefits and the challenges of AV-over-IP workflows, and how the standardization of protocols will change the live events industry. 

The revolution of resolutions

Alexis and Robbie explain how the rise in resolution and the consequential need for more horsepower put new standards for video mixers as well as projectors.

Driving ROI with versatility and modularity

This week's conversation is a deep-dive into the importance of Return On Investment and how this is translated in the development of our next-gen platforms.

The potential of hybrid events

Wouter and Robbie get together to look back at the pandemic rise of hybrid events. How will this trend continue and what's the role of AV in creating a successful hybrid experience?

A future with automated workflows

One last time, the guys meet up to discuss the demand for workflow simplifications and automation, and how this applies to the Barco portfolio.