21 paź 2019

What if you could improve viewing ergonomics in the operating room?

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Nexxis is a video integration platform specifically designed for the digital operating room to help meet the most urgent needs of the surgical team. These are precise images, efficient workflow, and maximum flexibility. Nexxis is the cornerstone of any integrated, hybrid or interventional operating room.

According to a survey we did a couple of years ago, 73% of OR managers, as well as clinical and biomedical engineers, indicated that display of images during image-guided surgery is a major challenge.

Video integration changes the way surgeons and clinicians share and view the information in operating rooms. Through video integration, a multitude of imaging systems and devices can be managed centrally to display surgical images more precisely while making workflow more efficient and achieving more flexibility in the operating room. The level of flexibility and how the content is positioned should entirely depend on the procedure and the surgeon’s preferences.

Multiple manufacturers are producing different types of integrated solutions, which might look similar at first glance, but when looking at the quality specs there will be important differences. That’s why high-end video integration solutions like Nexxis can make a significant impact. Choosing the right video integration system will bring you many benefits:

  • It will enable you to centralize all the information in the OR while giving you the freedom to present it as you need it and where you need it
  • Easily select multiple sources and show them in any layout (full screen, picture-in-picture, picture-by-picture, quad view, etc.)
  • Allow easy image composition of up to eight multi-modality sources onto a single screen

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