The ClickShare Video Bar range sets a new industry standard as the first carbon-neutral video bar solution in the wireless conferencing market by proudly earning the carbon-neutral label from climate advisory organization, CO2logic—a South Pole company. This milestone comes one year after receiving the same label for the ClickShare Conference CX-50 2nd gen.

These achievements reinforce our efforts and spur us forward as we work tirelessly to reduce the carbon emissions of our products. By making the right choices, from design to disposal, we have slashed the carbon emissions across the lifecycle of the ClickShare Video Bars to a minimum.

How did the ClickShare Bars achieve carbon neutrality?  

After reducing the carbon emissions of the ClickShare Bars to the minimum, the remaining 239.21 kg of CO2 emitted during their 5-year lifecycle are offset through the Huadu Afforestation Project

This project preserves the biodiversity of the Guinzhou province in South China by protecting the area´s thriving forests and, at the same time, creates educational and economic opportunities for the community. 

Key project facts based on the UN SDGs

702,000 tonnes of CO2

mitigated through project activities 

43,000 hectares

of land as part of the project activities 

25,000 temporary and 75

long-term workers, from planting and technicians for the project

15,369 temporary and 35

long-term jobs for women, of the jobs created by the project 

Training and upskilling

for technicians to improve professional experience

Barco and ClickShare are deeply committed to enacting real climate action 

The measures undertaken for the ClickShare Bars and highlighted above don´t only reflect our commitment to ensuring genuine climate action. They highlight the strategic goal of Barco and ClickShare to lead by example as a global technology company and support customers advance their sustainability goals. 

ClickShare enables IT managers to outfit their meeting spaces with technology that’s not just reliable but also environmentally responsible.  

“We recognize businesses must fundamentally reassess their environmental footprint. ClickShare takes a proactive, innovative approach and helps customers achieve their carbon neutral targets for a greener future in the meeting room,” said Jan van Houtte, EVP Meeting Experience at Barco. “With the first carbon-neutral video bar for wireless conferencing, we solidify our position as green pioneer in the collaboration market.”