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View better, share faster, resolve quicker

Barco's displays provide the clear, unimpeded visuals that empower critical analysis and interpretation, and help users view better, share faster and resolve quicker.

Why use Barco for Control rooms

Barco's large video walls inspire more informed, accurate and impactful mission-critical decisions. Configurable for a variety of specialized operations – including traffic, security, emergency, utilities, command and network operations centers

View better

Make critical decisions based on images that remain accurate and truthful all day. Barco’s reliable LCD, rear-projection and LED video walls and broad Services portfolio help you improve the uptime of your operations for many years on end. Barco offers all relevant video wall technologies and knows which one will best suit your needs.

Share faster

Monitor your content exactly when and where you need it. Share your content securely across your organization, from control room to breakout room, or with remote stakeholders. And collaborate for the most efficient incident response.

Resolve quicker

Offer your operator workforce a personalized workspace that reduces stress levels, increases productivity and supports faster critical decision making. Use a single keyboard and mouse to access all relevant information, even from disparate networks, make better decisions, and resolve incidents quicker.

A 28x3 Barco UniSee wall helps to stay on top of the footage of 2,350 surveillance cameras. 

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Large video walls

The highest quality available on the market.

A complete portfolio of high-quality video wall displays, encompassing all display technologies (LCD, rear-projection and LED).

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Video wall controllers

Display video and data on any video wall configuration.

Whether you are looking for a single display controller or a complete networked visualization solution, Barco is your preferred partner. With a track record of 3 decades in the control rooms and video wall industry, we understand the needs of our customers and tailor our products to provide exactly the solution they need.

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Enable, Protect, Optimize

Barco offers a full suite of support services that is tailored to your business needs and ensures ultimate peace of mind.

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Barco video wall configurator

Create the video wall that fits your needs

Selecting the right video wall for your needs is sometimes a tedious task. That is why Barco wants to make it as easy for you as possible.

Our new video wall configurator helps you in selecting the video wall that best suits your needs, not only in size but also in technology.

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View better, share faster, resolve quicker

The main Airport Operations Control Center of Chengdu Tianfu International Airport has a very large video wall, consisting of 75 RGB Laser (ODL-721) rear-projection cubes in a 15x5 configuration. Displaying the images with true-to-life colors and with special features to reduce the staff’s eye-fatigue, the video wall supports flight safety at the airport and speeds up decision-making. 

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