Barco Alchemy ICMP-X

Barco Alchemy ICMP‑X

Integrated Cinema Media Processor (ICMP) - Compatible with Series 2 and Series 4 projectors

Barco Alchemy ICMP‑X

Integrated Cinema Media Processor (ICMP) - Compatible with Series 2 and Series 4 projectors

The Barco ICMP-X module combines the functionalities of an Integrated Cinema Processor (ICP) and media server into one single board and forms the core of the Barco Alchemy digital cinema projectors. Reducing the required hardware increases simplicity and reliability into the projection booth. The smart projector even detects potential operational errors and warns users in case of mishaps. With rich alternative content inputs and the most powerful DCI decoding in the industry, the Barco ICMP-X is future-proof and greatly enhances your Barco digital cinema projector. Great in TMS environments, a projector equipped with the Barco ICMP-X module operates as stand-alone in single screen applications. The Barco ICMP-X is DCI-compliant with the Compliance Test Plan (CTP) version 1.2.

Increased operational efficiency

Thanks to the embedded Barco Web Commander user-interface the projector can be controlled remotely, including show creation and scheduling. Configuration and setup can simply be performed by service technicians via Barco (Web) Communicator.

Future proof

When coupled with a single 4K digital cinema projector, the Barco Alchemy technology enables 4K 2D at 60 fps and 4K 3D images, supporting all standard and 2K 3D HFR DCI movies. 

Unique benefits of Barco Alchemy technology

  • Simple operation thanks to intuitive ‘Barco Web Commander’ user interface
  • Fewer boxes lead to more reliability and ease-of-use
  • Future-proof with higher resolutions at high frame rates and high bit-rates
  • Includes storage and dedicated RAID-5 controller
  • Intelligent switching between resolutions and frame-rates in the same show
  • Smart mixing of DCI and alternative content sources in the same show
  • Rich alternative content inputs
General specifications
Integrated Cinema Media Processor
DCI 4K 2D up to 60fps
DCI 4K 3D (24 or 30 fps per eye)
DCI High Frame Rates 2K 3D up to 120fps (60fps per eye)
JPEG 2000 bit-rates up to 625Mbps
Dual-channel color-correction
MPEG-2 (4:2:0 and 4:2:2 up to 60fps)
2x HDMI™ 2.0a (up to 4K 2D 60fps)
2x 3G-SDI inputs
16x AES/EBU audio channels (2x RJ45)
8x GPI, 8x GPO (4x RJ45)
2x Gbe for content connectivity & ingest
2x front-accessible USB 3.0 for fast ingest
2x front-accessible USB 2.0
Video and audio watermarking: Civolution NexGuard
Closed captioning devices: Support for SMPTE 430-10
Streaming of Live IP content
Barco Web Commander
Projector dashboard
Projector control board
Show player/editor/scheduler
Automation, 3D, Ingest
Smart projector status
Via HTML5 web browsers including iOS & Android tablets
Barco Commander (for touch panel controller)
Projector control board
Show Player/Editor/Scheduler
Automation, 3D, ingest
Dynamic DCP playlists & intermission
Smart projector status
Barco (Web) Communicator
Projector installation & configuration
Projector update & maintenance
Integrated storage
2TB effective storage (RAID-5) / 3x 1TB Hot-swappable 2.5" drives
4TB effective storage (RAID-5) / 3x 2TB Hot-swappable 2.5" drives
8TB effective storage (RAID-5) / 3x 4TB Hot-swappable 2.5" drives
ICMP License for Live IP
Barco Alchemy is supported by the following Theater Management System (TMS) brands: AAM Screenwriter, CinemaNext TMS, CFG-Barco, Unique RosettaBridge, ADDE, CinéDigital Manager, GDC, Proyecson, Real Image, Sony, Hollywoodsoftware/Comscore TCC, Kinoton

Barco Alchemy is supported by 4DX Experience

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