Barco CTRL software

Barco CTRL software

Software platform for control room data distribution

Barco CTRL software

Software platform for control room data distribution

  • Easy to set up, intuitive to set up
  • Scalable system that grows with your needs
  • Designed for secure use
  • One solution for video wall and operator desk

Barco CTRL is an innovative, scalable software platform for control rooms that simplifies workflows, deployment, and serviceability. Designed to uphold the highest levels of cybersecurity, Barco CTRL allows users to securely connect to their sources, from any location, and interact with the content on any video wall or operator desk.

If you value simplicity

Although the system is very powerful, it is also simple to set up with a wizard guiding the installer through the configuration process. A single platform that serves both the video wall and operator desk, Barco CTRL extends the same intuitive look and feel over the complete control room and beyond.

Grows with your needs

Barco CTRL is fully scalable and grows with your needs. This means that by simply adding additional encoders and decoders, the solution can start small and potentially expand to a global system. Barco CTRL also takes all possible measures to prevent downtime (including redundancy options of critical components).

Security by design

Strictly following the ‘Security by design’ principles, the platform combines strict cybersecurity with intuitive use. Conceived with best practices like ‘Zero Trust’ and ‘Shift Left’ in mind, Barco CTRL is a full-featured solution that can even be deployed in the most secure critical environments.

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