Barco Pulse

Barco Pulse

The electronics backbone that is integrated in all our new projection platforms.

Barco Pulse

The electronics backbone that is integrated in all our new projection platforms.

  • High quality electronic processing
  • Unified across the portfolio
  • Future-proof and upgradable

How to achieve 4K UHD using Barco Pulse 

The proprietary Barco Single-Step Processing (SSP™) technology, part of the powerful Barco Pulse electronics, is a pixel-shift processing engine enables native WQXGA projectors to accept 4K input and output 4K resolutions (4096 x 2160, 3840 x 2400 or 3840 x 2160) in just one single processing step. Since the processing is done faster than any competing technology, the result is a sharper image with more details without adding extra latency to the projector.

Warping and blending


Barco Pulse's high quality electronics has warping and blending capabilities embedded in the projector software. Control these directly from the projectors’ UI or use the Barco Pulse command protocol (JSON-RPC) and perform warping and blending through your own proprietary solutions. Using the projector’s embedded warp and blend functionality for geometry correction (as opposed to using it on the IG), releases the IG of much needed processing power to perform content rendering tasks. Geometry corrections performed in the projector ensures a minimum of added system latency, as all image processing is done in one single step through the proprietary Barco SSP™ technology.

High bandwidth electronics

Barco Pulse gives you increased bandwidth, which allows the projector to take input signals up to 4K resolution @ 60Hz or WQXGA @ 120Hz for dramatically improved image quality without image artifacts. Barco pulse supports 10-bit color processing over Display Port 1.2. It also supports Smear Reduction Processing (SRP™), using dark-time insertion to reduce smear on fast moving content. Future-proof and upgradable, the Barco Pulse electronics platform is designed for the future. Projectors can easily be upgraded locally 
via USB or remotely over a network. 

Unified user interface across all new Barco projectors

The intuitive user interface of Barco Pulse allows you to set up your installation quickly and easily. Discover the user interface once and you know how to work with all the latest Barco projectors.



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