TransForm N CMS

TransForm N CMS

Complete networked visualization and decision-making system

TransForm N CMS

Complete networked visualization and decision-making system

  • Fully modular networked architecture
  • Scalable to any type of control room business need
  • Enabling multi-location distribution
  • Assured compatibility with a large number of ICT & AV source types
  • Interfaces to many 3rd party systems
  • Top class reliability, field-proven by over 12,000 installations worldwide
  • Permanently maintained and improved

Barco’s CMS software is an advanced control room management suite, and part of the TransForm N system proposition. It supports a fully modular networked architecture through a set of software components, which allows for easy video-wall management, efficient collaboration and fast decision-making in and beyond any control room.

The software provides operators and decision-makers with easy access to video, images and data, and allows them to connect to this information, to configure how and where it is displayed, and to collaborate in the most efficient way. The feature license based setup and multiple deployment options give your control room system an unmatched flexibility and availability.

All-round control room management

Barco’s CMS monitoring and collaboration software proves its power in various control room environments and is field-proven by over 12,000 installations worldwide. From Traffic and Surveillance scenarios to Utilities, Process Control, C4I and Broadcast uses, Barco’s CMS suite allows operators to make the most of their complex networked control room environment.

Flexible integration

Customers who have invested in a VMS or PSIM solution, can also benefit from the open and secure APIs supported by CMS, which allows the software to be integrated with other leading situational awareness applications. The assured compatibility with a large number of ICT & AV source types, assures the full flexibility to bring any source on any video wall inside any multi-location distributed TransForm N deployed system.

Long term support

Barco’s CMS Software Care program assures that via 3-monthly version updates the CMS software and with it the complete TransForm N system is kept secure, and new feature improvements are added to answer your evolving business needs.

Using CMS: a functionality overview

Creating perspectives and sharing with colleagues

One of the basics of CMS, is the use of perspectives. These abstract views, grouping content windows that logically belong together, can then be used as one element, and as such be shared between operators within the control room, in remote control rooms, or even to mobile devices in the field. Perspectives can either be predefined or created on the spot using the simple graphical user interface. The video shows how a perspective is created, populated with content, and shared with a colleague.

Sharing perspectives on the video wall

Using CMS allows operators to easily share content on the video wall. By simply selecting the perspective to share and choosing the destination (i.e. the video wall and the place in its layout), the operator gets the content on the wall in no time
NOTE: Please notice the difference between a perspective and a layout. The first is a group of content that the user has put together to form a logical whole. The layout is the way the content on a video wall is structured. Perspectives can be shared with colleagues in other control rooms and even field workers. Layouts are fixed to the video wall.

Ensuring security with User Roles

A mission-critical environment like a control room, where a lot of sensitive information is gathered, requires a strict security management. The User Roles defined in CMS, enable the operator to only access the information he or she really needs. Different roles can be defined, granting access to the specific information an operator needs - and nothing more.


CMS Component Specifications

CMS Central Server

  • Multiple deployment options including Barco Enterprise Server and any NSD type TransForm N output node
  • Facilitates central setup & connection management for the decentralized TransForm N system components
  • Facilitates central TransForm N system configuration database for easy backup & restore
  • Facilitates central TransForm N system feature license management
  • Fast set-up & update/upgrade maintenance
  • Accessible via browser-based user interface
  • Auto-detection of TransForm N network sources
  • Supports dual server “Auto Fail Over” full redundancy (Feature license based option)
  • Supports a centralized SOAP and/or Telnet API, covering all TransForm N system functions (Feature license based option)
  • Supports advanced Authorization & security options:
    • Secure user management
    • Active directory & LDAP support (Feature license based option)
    • Roles & permissions
    • Encrypted access to administrative functions
    • Supports advanced system logging
  • Facilitates the webserver for the Launchpad and Collaboration Wall Manager browser-based UI’s
  • Can manage up to 5000 configured source inputs
  • Can manage up to 100 sidebar or video-wall outputs

Control Panel system administration UI & Sidebar control room operator UI

  • Software can be deployed from central server on one or more Windows client PC part of TransForm N network domain
  • Facilitates multi-language UI options (Feature license based option)
  • Automatically saves the user’s work towards the CMS central server database
  • Control panel supports configuration of sources, displays, roles & permissions and other TransForm N system variables
  • Sidebar main features supported are:
    • Easily explore the complete TransForm N system
    • Minimal use of screen estate
    • Source browser to open any source quickly
    • Fully drag and drop enabled layout design for any wall inside TransForm N system
    • Full resolution and frame rate preview of all supported sources with if applicable audio & KB/M interaction support
    • Perspective and/or source transformation design including support ofr overlay decorator options like: UMD, IDC, Source-name, Time (time zone aware), Date, Text, Logo, Message Ticker, Source status
    • Minimal learning curve

Launch pad & Collaboration Wall Manager client UIs

  • Zero install browser based UI
  • Collaboration Wall Manager facilitates intuitive auto-layout of sources for use in breakout & meeting rooms
  • Launch pad facilitates easy quick switching between layouts and basic layout editing

Display Agents

  • System specific updates for TransForm N NDN & NSD type display nodes
  • Available for download from central server

ProServer & Progateway

  • Proserver TransForm N system optimized screen-scrapping software for use on for windows OS computers
  • Progateway for parallel distribution towards multiple video-walls of Proserver- of Web-sources
    • Supported on W10 server
    • Support for load-distribution over multiple Pro-gateway servers inside single TransForm N system
  • Sidebar supported remote keyboard and mouse control of Proserver- & Web-sources
  • Available for download from central server

CMS Feature licenses

CMS Server Base 16 CON         R9832708
CMS Server Base 32 CON         R9832709
CMS Server Base 64 CON         R9832710
CMS Server Base 100 CON         R9832713
CMS Viewer License         R9832702
CMS Sidebar License         R9832699
CMS Display License         R9832698
CMS AFO License         R9832711
CMS API License         R9832703
CMS Localization License         R9832714
CMS Basic License Pack         R9832730
CMS SW Care License         R9805137
CMS Reinstate License         R9833540

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