Cloud-based solution for remote surgical collaboration


Cloud-based solution for remote surgical collaboration

  • Collaborate with your peers, ask advice to a mentor or give advice to a mentee. 
  • Educate your students and support them in their own learning curve. 
  • Demonstrate to a large audience at a congress or symposium and share your knowledge.

Remote activities are everywhere, so why not make them happen in hospitals, too? NexxisLive can be used by any healthcare professional - with any level of expertise; as well as  medical device representatives or experts. Basically, anyone in the surgical and interventional arena who needs or wants to collaborate with remote users, inside and outside the hospital, to consult, to mentor or proctor sessions or to assist a team during procedures or cases, to teach to students who are in a university classroom or lecture hall or to broadcast a live-procedure to a congress venue – in real time under secured bi-directional communication.

With NexxisLive, you can talk, chat, share and draw as if you're all in the same room. No matter how close or far away you are. 

NexxisLive in OR

Collaborate, educate and demonstrate

NexxisLive guarantees an immersive experience, thanks to the possibility of sending out multiple video streams at once. NexxisLive works on a “Bring Your Own Device” basis: you can access a session via a secure online link, on any type of connected device.

Live from your hospital

  • Collaborate efficiently with experts through teleconferencing
  • Immerse your students through telementoring
  • Manage procedures and equipment easily through telemonitoring and teleassistance
  • Showcase your procedures to a worldwide audience

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