Nio Color 3MP Dental

21" diagnostic display for the dental office

  • Shows sharp, bright dental images
  • Reveals more details
  • Enables faster decisions

About Nio Color 3MP Dental

Our Nio Color 3MP dental display has everything it takes for dental specialists. It brings sharp and bright images to the diagnostic reading room so you can quickly visualize concealed anatomic structures and easily detect dental pathologies. The Nio Color 3MP is available with and without cover.

An accurate diagnosis 

The Nio Color 3MP dental display has been designed specifically for use in the dental reading room. For endodontic treatment, for example, visualization of small details is essential for a swift and correct diagnosis and an accurate treatment plan. Even when used in different ambient light conditions, the Nio Color 3MP display will provide you with crisp, high- contrast detail, enabling an accurate treatment planning. 

Planning with confidence 

Thanks to the integrated uniformity technologies, subtle abnormalities or concealed anatomical structures in the oral and maxillofacial region can be visualized without imperfections or screen noise. While keeping the brightness steady over time, you can make accurate decisions. 

In the case of oral surgery, it means critical structures can be more visible, which is crucial when planning for dental implant placement, for example. Detailed visualization of the bone structure, accurate localization of nerves and arteries all contribute to the success and safety of the procedure.


  • Nio Color 3MP dental with protective cover
  • Nio Color 3MP without cover


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  • 3 MegaPixel resolution (1,536 x 2,048)
  • 21-inch screen diagonal
  • Color display
  • Long lifetime LED technology
  • Uniform Luminance
  • QA software included
  • 30 bit Look Up Table
  • DisplayPort ready
  • Usable in portrait and
landscape mode
  • Standard 5-year warranty
  • Front sensor for stabilized luminance
  • Anti-reflective protective front cover

Nio Color 3MP Dental

MDNC-3421 dental (Option DE NC)
MDNC-3421 dental (Option DE)
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