OverView MVL-6715

OverView MVL‑6715

Industry-standard 67” SXGA+ 4:3 LED video wall

OverView MVL‑6715

Industry-standard 67” SXGA+ 4:3 LED video wall

The OverView MVL-6715 is an easy to operate 4:3 LED-lit projection module that has been designed to offer the typical detail and brightness needs in SXGA+ resolution for control rooms where space is not a constraint.

Unmatched LED lifetime

Barco’s unique liquid cooling system significantly reduces the temperature of the LEDs. This not only prolongs the lifetime of the LEDs (>80,000 hrs), but also allows for durably higher brightness levels. The long LED lifetime guarantees a great uptime and very low overhead costs. The use of LEDs as a light source, also results in low power consumption.

Comfortable viewing experience

To ensure good wall uniformity in terms of color and brightness levels, the OverView MVL-6715 comes with Barco’s Sense5 automatic calibration system. This system works with an advanced color sensor that continuously measures the primary color levels of the entire wall, and adjusts white point and color when needed. This results in a significantly more accurate cube to cube uniformity, over the complete runtime. Furthermore, the module’s robust structure makes the OverView MVL-6715 suitable for use in industrial environments.

Key characteristics

  • 6x redundancy of LEDs (per color)
  • 3rd generation LEDs for unmatched brightness & minimal power consumption
  • Sense5 automatic white point and primary colors calibration, for brightness and color stability
  • Active liquid cooling ensures longer LED lifetime
  • Wide color gamut
  • Less disposables, less waste
  • 4:3 aspect ratio, 16:9 version becomes available during 2013
General specifications
on-screen: 305 Cd/m²
On-screen contrast
1,200,000:1 (dynamic)
Display technology
DLP rear projection
Color gamut
White point
Color stability
Self calibration with Sense5 based on advanced color sensor
  • Diagonal: 67"
  • Width: 1364 mm | 53.7"
  • Height: 1023 mm | 40.3"
  • Depth: 942 mm | 37.1"
Light source
Light source 6x redundancy for each of 3 LEDs
Light source lifetime
> 60,000h (typ.)
> 80,000h (eco)
MTBF LED: > 500,000h
Conditions for operation
10°C-40°C, 80% humidity (nc)
Input voltage
90 – 240 V, 50-60Hz
150W (eco)
200W (typ.)
270W (max)
Heat dissipation
510 BTU/h (eco)
680 BTU/h (typ.)
920 BTU/h (max)
Signal input/output
Dual link DVI in / Dual link DVI out
Pixel clock
320 MHz
Input frequency
24 – 62 Hz
49 – 61 Hz
Signal processing
Loop through
Cropping / upscaling
Direct ethernet access
Built-in web server
Graphical user interface
All settings and operational parameters
Integration to third party equipment
WEB service API (optional)
2 years
Brightness uniformity
Screen gap
< 1.5 mm | 0.06" (@25°C)
< 0.4 mm | 0.015" (@30°C)
80.5 kg | 177.5 lbs (projection module) and 21 kg | 46.3 lbs (pedestal)
Signal connection
Loop through
Third party interface
WEB service API (optional)

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