Compact and expandable Event Master processor


Compact and expandable Event Master processor

  • Design your own configuration at standard pricing
  • Fully compatible with E2 and EX
  • Powerful yet cost effective solution for smaller applications
  • Link up to 8 x S3 systems to create max number of 128 (16x8) input connectors & 144 (18x8) output connectors

Build your own configuration of processing and input / output

  • Use all the standard features but choose from standard parts
  • Choose Input capacity
  • Choose Output capacity
  • Choose Layer capacity
  • 1 to 14 Chassis in a system

Event Master E2 / S3 and EX have standard, finished and stocked configurations. But as its a scalable and modular system its also offered in BTO, Built To Order configurations. From a single chassis with 2 cards up to 8 chassis with every card included makes Event Master the most scalable and I/O dense Screen Management in the world. The S3 offer all features and quality of the E2 but with a lower total capacity. Whether you need several single units with a special config of I/O or a system with a massive routing and scaling capacity you can use the Built To Order process to get what you prefer. Uniquely build a system over time that does not require re-install or even re-programming as only the added parts need configuration and programming in general.

Use the fiber links up to 300m distance between units to distribute high-end video with no extra latency or compression degradation. Extend a full chassis or use the EX chassis to extend up to six 4K outputs or up to 5 4K inputs. All the normal high standards of redundant power, 12Bit 4:4:4 processing and I/O, Genlock, down to 15mS latency from the E2 and fixed configurations are available as it’s the same hardware and software.

Supported by no less than three APIs the Event Master system can be integrated with popular, if not all control systems on the market. A flexible control system is included and allow commands sent to third party devices over network for simple and integrated integration.

System design support is available for multi-unit systems worldwide via Barco Partners connection with Barco Product Specialists.

General specifications
* Some Advanced Features of a large system can require re-programming
* Preview and Multi-Viewer not available in all configurations
* Resource use retract from total capacity, max functionality per spec above might not be possible
* S3D functionality is dependent on a license and system sales process
Live effects canvas
10 to 160 Megapixels PVW/PGM
40 to 320 Megapixels PGM only
80 to 640 Megapixels @30p and PGM only
Native resolution background mixer per screen canvas
Use multiple video backgrounds without the use of layers
Video inputs
1 to 24 inputs cards
4 - 128 FHD / 2 - 48 4K/UHD30 inputs
2 – 40 4K/UHD60 inputs
SDI: 4 to 96 SD/HD/3G and/or 2 to 40 6G/12G/2Si
HDMI™ 2.0: 4 to 96 (600MHz max) >8/10/12Bit 4:4:4
DisplayPort 1.2: 4 to 96 (660 MHz max) >8/10/12 Bit 4:4:4
Video outputs
1 to 24 output cards
4 to 144 FHD / 4 - 96 4K/UHD30 outputs
2 to 48 4K/UHD outputs
SDI: 4 to 96 SD/HD/3G and/or 2 to 48 6G/12G/2Si
HDMI™ 2.0: 4 to 96 (600MHz max) >8/10/12Bit 4:4:4
DisplayPort 1.2: 4 to 96 (660 MHz max) >8/10/12 Bit 4:4:4
Analog reference input/loop on BNC connectors;
Tri-level and Blackburst at SD and tri-level at HD
S3D Sync: 4x input Din connector, 2x output Din connector*
Program output
Up to 32 program outputs on one or several Screens
Data double and AOI per output, blend curves independent per edge of output
Configure creative screen systems with single screens, tiled/blended widescreens
Grouped connectors for legacy connections like Quad SDI and 2Si SDI
Scaled Aux outputs
  • All functions for all resolutions:
    • Use Inputs and outputs for standard videowall scaling matrix functionality
    • Scale any HD to UHD/4K source to any size Super AUX Screen
    • Does not use layers or canvas resource
    • Rotate output 90 degrees for Portrait screen layouts
    • Input and Output colour, brightness and contrast correction per input and output
  • All figures below @HD60FPS
    • 4 to 144 Inputs in steps of 4 or 6
    • 4 to 144 Outputs in steps of 4 or 6
    • 1 to 144 individual HD screens with Full Screen content
  • All figures below @4K30FPS
    • 2 to 80 Inputs in steps of 2 or 4
    • 4 to 96 Outputs in steps of 4 or 6
    • 1 to 96 individual HD screens with Full Screen content
  • All figures below @4K60FPS
    • 2 to 40 Input in steps of 2
    • 2 to 48 outputs in steps of 2
    • 1 to 48 individual HD/4K30 screens
    • 1 – 48 single 4K screens to a single 98 304 x 2 160 Super Screen
Independent layer transitions or full Preview/Program transition
4 to 64 FHD Picture In Picture
2 to 32 4K30 Picture In Picture
1 to 16 UHD/4K Picture In Picture
Flexible layer allocation per Screen
Still stores
Up to 100 HD or 25 UHD, depending on the import file size
Optional preview
Standard output card doubles as dedicated hardware
Multiviewer functionality with >64 windows in one output
Flexible user-definable layouts
1 x 4K/UHD or 4 x FHD Outputs
> 4 x Independent channels
I/O from the local frame is shown in the local frame*
4 x HDMI™ for Multiviewer (165 MHz max) or 1X HDMI™ 2.0 for MVR @ 4K60p
Layer effects
  • Borders (hard, soft, halo) and drop shadows 
  • Color effects 
  • Strobe, H&V flip 
  • Luma, chroma and Cut/Fill keys (not all modes support keying) 
  • PIP moves via Keyframes
  • Flexible user-definable layouts 
  • Monitor all Inputs and Outputs, including Preview and Aux 
  • Two outputs 
  • Dedicated hardware same as E2 Event Master Processor

System scales capacity with Framerate and Resolution

1 to 8 Frames of S3 can be linked

1 to 6 EX can be linked for extension of I/O via CXP I/O cards

  • All figures below @HD60FPS
    • 16 to 128 Inputs in steps of 16
    • 18 to 144 Outputs in steps of 18
    • 4 to 32 individual screens with PIP
    • Single screens from HD to a single 65 536 x 1080 / 16384 x 4320 Super Screen with PIP


  • All figures below @4K30FPS
    • > 112 Inputs in steps of 16
    • > 96 Outputs in steps of 12
    • > 32 individual screens with PIP
    • Adress pixel spaces as big as > 262 144 x 1080 / 16 384 x 38 400 with Super Screen Destination with PIP


  • All figures below @4K60FPS
    • > 40 Input in steps of 5
    • > 48 outputs in steps of 6
    • > 32 individual screens
    • Adress pixel spaces as big as > 262 144 x 1080 / 16 384 x 38 400 with SuperDestination with PIP
HDCP compliance determined by installed cards.
  • Event Master screen management software for PC or Mac
  • Event Master Controllers
  • WebUI
  • Ethernet RJ-45, 10/100/1000 Mbps autosense
  • Field-serviceable I/O and processing cards (not hot-swappable) 
  • Hot swappable dual-redundant power supplies
Noise Level
Max 51.3 dB avg. Fans at 100%.
Fan speed is software-managed based on operating temperature.
Reference ISO 7779
  • Height: 13.26 cm / 5.22" - 3 RU rack mount 
  • Width: 43.2 cm / 17" without chassis handles, 48.3 cm / 19" with chassis handles attached 
  • Depth: 54 cm / 21.33" overall
24 kg / 53 lbs
Input power: 100-240Vac, 50/60Hz, 8.8A (x2), 826 Watt
Dual-redundant, hot-swappable power supplies
Environmental temperature
0-40° C / 32-104 F
Environmental humidity

0-95% non-condensing (non-operating)
0-85% non-condensing (operational)

3 years parts and labor

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