TransForm NDN-220 Pro

TransForm NDN‑220 Pro

Networked Display Node

TransForm NDN‑220 Pro

Networked Display Node

Barco’s TransForm N Networked Display Node is a powerful PC-based networked graphics processor. It is used in the networked visualization environment of a TransForm N system and can display encoded streams coming from the Gbit Ethernet/IP network. H-264, V2D and ProServer represent just the top of a long list of supported codecs and streaming formats. Furthermore, the display controller also has a high-end graphics card to perform the rendering operations as are requested by the TransForm N management clients in the network.

High density content – Large display walls

The NDN-220 Pro Output nodes can display high density content and can drive up to sixteen HD displays with a single node. The unit supports multiple different types of displays including the whole range of Barco display solutions like RPC, LCD & LED.
Managed by CMS inside the TransForm N system multiple NDN-220 Pro output nodes can be combined in a wall-cluster to show a composed synchronized picture on display walls of virtually unlimited size. The NDN-220 Pro offers a dedicated sync-cable based full frame-lock synchronization between up to 30 nodes suiting the needs of video-walls with advanced synchronization requirements.


  • 4 DisplayPort 1.2 outputs
  • Up to 4K-UHD resolution per output
  • Universal IP video streaming decoding
  • Most extensive list of supported codecs and formats
  • Network-based content synchronization between multiple display nodes driving a single wall
  • Frame lock between multiple display nodes
  • Redundant network interface
  • Silent operation in a compact and flexible form factor
  • Mature Barco quality, robust and reliable
  • The NDN-220 Pro has a performance to show up to 12 full HD camera sources per node
General specifications
8 GB
Disk drive
128 GB Solid-State Disk SSD
2x 1Gb/s LAN
Graphics card
Professional high-performance NVIDIA Quadro-series graphic card
Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-9500E 6-core processor 3.0GHz (4.2GHz max. Turbo frequency)
4x Display Port 1.2 (supporting up to 4x 4K-UHD)
4x DVI-SL via included adapters (supporting up to 4x HD)
H.264, MPEG­2/4, V2D, H.263, VNC, Pro­Server (see supported codec list)
Form factor
3U ½ 19" Rackmount housing
131.5mm x 220mm x 305mm | 5.18" x 8.66" x 12.01"
6.1 kg (7.9 kg incl. packaging)
Power supply
100-240V, 8-4A, 50/60Hz
Power consumption
270 W (max)
Temperature range
0° - 40°C | 32° - 104°F
Max. 80% (noncondensing)
Up to 5000m (operation)
Noise Level
Max. 35dbA (measured at 1m/32.8ft distance at 22°/72)
CE, UKCA, CB/UL 60950/62368-1, ICES, CCC, FCC Class A
Regulatory Model Id: P220
Order Information
R9822000 | NDN-220 PRO Display Node (no power cable)
R9822000B | NDN-220 PRO Display Node (US)
R9822000D | NDN-220 PRO Display Node (IN)
R9822000F | NDN-220 PRO Display Node (EU)
R9822000G | NDN-220 PRO Display Node (UK)
R9822000I | NDN-220 PRO Display Node (CN)
R9822000X | NDN-220 PRO Display Node (C13/C14 power cable)
R9821099 | Rackmount kit for 2x NDN-220 PRO/LITE
R766042 | Pedestal mount kit for NDN-220 PRO/LITE

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