Video Calibration really improves the image quality on all installations. RealColor™ was launched back in 2006 and has been used in all projectors since that year, with small improvements every year. This technology offers owners a simplified set-up procedure to improve the image quality of their projectors by integrating an “easy-to-use” Video Calibration tool that is available in all the Pulse based products. There is a pre-set factory calibration that the custom installer can modify with simple menus.

RealColor™ is Barco implementation of a simple and accurate colour management system for projectors. It allows the user to correctly and easily calibrate and set up a projector to a desired white point and grey scale tracking with a minimum amount of effort.

During the characterisation process, each individual projector’s optical and electrical characteristics are measured and recorded, then input into the projector and stored as system settings. By storing each unit’s individual settings, every single projector knows its true optical red, green and blue, as well as the optical white point possible. These settings are stored using highly accurate X and Y colour coordinates. Also calibrating, recording and understanding the electrical properties of each projector provides an easy way to set up and properly calibrate each projector individually, without having to understand projectors and colour management in general.