Shorter and more cost-effective design cycles


Over the past years, virtual reality has become the standard in automotive prototyping for different aspects: exterior design, ergonomics studies, marketing efforts, safety insights. 

The use of VR technology in virtual prototyping is becoming increasingly important with companies having discovered the many advantages of these system, both in cost-reduction and shortened time-to-market.


Virtual prototyping


With the introduction of increasingly advanced virtualization software and projection technologies (including laser projection), the virtual prototypes have become very true-to-life, making them excellent for testing.

Manufacturers can apply updates virtually or visualize changes before the actual production saving time in the different pre-production decision-making phases. Greater predictability and improved collaboration lead to efficient performances, a reduction in time-to-market and faster project delivery. 


Group VR in automotive


Barco's Group VR solutions, which allow multiple persons to collaborate in a virtual 3D environment while still being able to comfortably see and communicate with each other, boost the efficiency of the VR solution and optimize the investment.

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Whatever your professional group 3D visualization needs, Barco’s portfolio consists of different Group VR solutions.

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