Scientific research

Visualizing new insights in 3D

Modern scientific research and development can range from anything related to the management of large quantities of data to educational immersion in weather dynamics, pharmaceutical research or molecular structures. As a trusted partner in virtual reality, Barco has developed a portfolio of immersive solutions that range from 3D stereo projectors to high-resolution stereoscopic display walls. The incredible resolution of Barco's display systems allows distance learning to be combined with data analysis, which results in true, real-time remote collaboration.

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Broadening the horizons of research centers

Advanced research calls for advanced visualization. That's why renowned research and design institutes use Barco technology to visualize their concepts and ideas. The level of detail and the total immersion gives users the opportunity to really step into their designs - and catch a glimpse of the future.


VR applications in universities and research centers

  • Medical/bio research & training
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Space/Aerospace research
  • Climate

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