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A fast-paced era of disruption and digital advancements, the need for lifelong learning, upskilling and reskilling – organizations worldwide are under increased pressure. So how can you devise a successful training strategy, deliver interesting and successful learnings, while reducing costs and reaching your sustainability goals? Virtual or hybrid virtual training enabled by a strong technology partner can be part of the solution.

weConnect for Corporate L&D

Barco weConnect helps you secure a bright future for your organization. Our software is suitable for both virtual and hybrid training. Trainers have everyone in the first row while trainees get an engaging, collaborative experience. They share content, break out in groups, vote in polls and respond to quizzes, while data analytics allow for learning paths optimization.

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Some of our corporate customers

Transforming Wilmington´s training offering for the digital age

Wilmington plc, a global provider of information, education, and networking services digitally transformed its training offering thanks to weConnect. They implemented a virtual classroom to offer highly engaging, broadcast-quality remote training experiences to its 20,000 yearly participants globally; and to provide a seamless, user-friendly and more natural method of training to their instructors.

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Upskilling global retail workforce at Walmart

Walmart invested in virtual classroom technology powered by Barco weConnect to upskill its workforces at a global level, as as part of the retailer’s commitment to offer impactful, high-quality training. The technology is part of the Walmart Academy’s immersive training program that teaches retail skills and soft skills like leadership, communication and change management.

weConnect for medical & clinical training

Barco weConnect is a purpose-built software solution that enables virtual and hybrid training experiences. Instructors have everyone in the first row and can integrate additional equipment (Go-Pro cameras, microscopes, etc.) for the mandatory crystal-clear views in healthcare and life sciences. Trainees get an in-depth, visually-accurate experience thanks to multiple content streams and high levels of interaction in the form of polls, quizzes, whiteboards and enhanced break out rooms.

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weConnect you with the entire organization

Apart from training, weConnect is of tremendous value for other initiatives such as onboarding programs and all-employee meetings thanks to its flexibility and ease of use. Further on, you can even host virtual events, employee networking sessions, mentoring or coaching.

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