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Engage and delight your organization´s talents wherever they are

Workforces dispersed globally, ongoing travel bans, a hybrid working environment that is continuously changing – engaging employees is more challenging than ever. How can you keep your talents connected to each other and immersed in the company culture? Virtual or hybrid events delivered with the help of a strong and reliable technology partner is the answer. 

Why go virtual or hybrid when organizing corporate events?

Employee satisfaction. You will forge strong bonds between co-workers, foster feelings of belonging and of a shared purpose. This will help boost morale and retain talent.

Accessibility. Delight your employees wherever they are on the globe, with only a few clicks on their laptop. The only requirement is a stable internet connection.

Sustainability. Lower the carbon footprint of your organization by removing travelling and minimizing venue resources, utilities and other energy consuming items.

Cost effectiveness. Virtual or hybrid events are more budget friendly than physical events, thanks to the significantly lowered cost of rental space hire, travel, accommodation and catering.

weConnect for corporate meetings & events

Our platform, weConnect can bring the wow factor to your internal events, all-hands meetings, or onboarding programs. With weConnect you can:

  • Engage your participants and immerse them into an experience that gives everyone a front row seat
  • Guarantee quality interaction through polls, quizzes, live chat, visual (eye) contact
  • Learn valuable insights about participant engagement and participation through data
  • Change setups flexibly. Go from virtual to hybrid and vice versa with minimal adjustments

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An outstanding hybrid leadership update 

In November, Barco hosted a hybrid leadership update event introducing our two new co-CEOs who shared their vision for Barco with external stakeholders. Relying on the strengths of our own solutions, our team did an impressive job of delivering an engaging event for participants, on-site and remotely.

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