How to use Miracast on the CSE-200+

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The ClickShare CSE-200+ has been certified for the Miracast Release2 (R2) standard as from the firmware release.

Miracast functionalityAvailability (CSE-200+ firmware version)Notes
Peer-to-Peer (P2P)

CSE-200+ has a separate Wi-Fi chip built-in dedicated for Miracast P2P connections.

Compatible with all four different network integration levels, see KB 3844 for details.

Miracast over Infrastructure Connection Establishment Protocol (MS-MICE)



Streaming with Miracast

Miracast streaming with CSE-200+ Base Unit works in two stages: Discovery and Connection.

In the discovery stage, the Miracast enabled devices (typically Windows 10 computers or certain Android smartphones) searches for the CSE-200+ Base Unit enabled for Miracast streaming (option Streaming via Miracast must be enabled in the Base Unit ClickShare Configurator). The discovery always happens via the Miracast Wi-Fi beacons sent out by Base Unit. These beacons are sent out regardless of the state of the Wi-Fi configuration of the Base Unit.

In the second stage, the connection for content sharing is established with the Base Unit using either MS-MICE or P2P functionality. 

  1. If the Base Unit can be reached over the corporate network, an MS-MICE connection will be preferred and established.
  2. If the Base Unit cannot be reached over the network, a Miracast P2P connection will be set up. 

In the latter case, the Miracast receiver (i.e. Base Unit) creates its own wireless network and the device connects directly (via P2P) to it without compromising its personal Wi-Fi connection. This means that your PC or tablet can still be online via its Wi-Fi connection while streaming over Miracast.

Note: An inherent limitation of the Miracast P2P connection is that only one device can be shown on screen at a time.

How to use Miracast with CSE-200+?

Miracast comes built-in to Windows 10 and you can use it to connect your Windows 10 device to the ClickShare  CSE-200+ Base Unit to share your screen with the meeting room display.

  1. the project menu on your laptop by pressing the Windows+P key combination on your laptop.
    If your CSE-200+ Base Unit is not appearing (or discovered) make sure that your Base Unit is located in close proximity to the windows 10 devices.
  2. Click Connect to a wireless display link in the project menu.
  3. Click on the CSE-200+ Base Unit you would like to connect. Your screen is shared on the meeting room display.
    If you are unable to connect to the Base Unit, make sure that the following network ports are open "TCP 7236 and TCP 7250" and "UDP 7236" (see KB 4130) OR McAfee is blocking "UDP 5253" (see KB 4833) OR your Windows 10 devices are not supported for Miracast - see the section Other useful information below.
    For any other connection-related issues, see KB 3538 and KB 4878
  4. Share static content (such as images, and files) or Dynamic content (such as apps, webpages, and videos) or anything displayed on your laptop screen can be shared.
Alternatively, press the Windows key + K key combination to open the connect pane and select the ClickShare Base Unit from the list to start your sharing session.
  • In Windows 10 versions (1703 - 1709), the sharing works natively with the Windows key + K key combination.
  • In Windows 10 versions (1803 - 1809 and 1903 - 1909  and 2004), the Windows key + K key combination works, but the connection can fail. Installation of an extra plugin (“Wireless Display”) from the Microsoft Store might solve this issue.

The following video demonstrates How to use the Miracast application to share your device with the meeting room display.


Other useful information: Devices enabled for Miracast

Miracast is natively supported on Windows devices that come with Windows 10 pre-installed. Devices updated to Windows 10 in a later stage, as well as Windows 8.1 devices, might support Miracast but this depends on the specific model.

It is advised to use devices with Intel Core i3/i5/i7 processors of the fourth generation (-4xxx) and up to guarantee to keep your internet connection while sharing in P2P mode to the ClickShare Base Unit.

How can I check my device is supported for Miracast?

  • Use the command prompt and enter either of the following commands.
    • netsh wlan show drivers
    • dxdiag
  • Check the GPO setting on your Windows 10 devices. Option Don't allow WiFi direct groups must be disabled. Ask your IT department for assistance if required.
  • Further information regarding Miracast can be found on the Microsoft support page.


Contact Barco support

If you are encountering any problem related to Miracast with CSE-200+ Base Unit, please contact Barco Support by creating a ticket (how to: see KB 6024).


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