How to connect to your ClickShare Base Unit Wi-Fi

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Connecting to ClickShare Base Unit Wi-Fi can be required when you wish to share content from your mobile devices or when you wish to access the Base Unit's Web Configurator of a non-networked device.

  1. Find your Base Unit's Wi-Fi name, the so-called SSID.
    The SSID information of the Base Unit can be found on the splash screen displayed on the meeting room screen. The default SSID of a ClickShare Base Unit is ClickShare-<serial base number>.
    See KB 9670 for the detailed information on ClickShare SSID.
  2. On your device, go to Settings > Wi-Fi and select the Base Unit's Wi-Fi (or SSID) from the network list.

  3. Enter the password (default is clickshare) to connect to the Base Unit's Wi-Fi.

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