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The ClickShare Mobile App for iOS is designed to easily connect and share content to the meeting room display. Update your mobile phone with the latest IOS ClickShare Mobile App.

There are only 2 simple steps to start sharing:

  1. Connect to the meeting room
    Depends on how your Base Unit (or a meeting room) connected to your network
  2. Start sharing your screen

The ClickShare Mobile App for iOS works with all currently supported Wireless Presentation and Wireless Conferencing solutions: CS-100(Huddle), CSE-200(+), CSE-800, CX-20, CX-30, and CX-50.

Please make sure to update your ClickShare Mobile App to version 3.2.0 (minimum) to use with Wireless Conferencing solutions, see [KB11719].

Depending on how ClickShare was set up in the meeting room and the network your mobile device is connected to, you might need to take some additional steps before you can start sharing to the meeting room with the ClickShare Mobile App. Please refer to the ClickShare Network Deployment Whitepaper (or see [KB7931]) for best practices in creating the best end-user experience for the Mobile Apps.

Connecting to the meeting room

The meeting room is on the same network as your device

  1. Open the app and select the meeting room you want to connect.

    By default, all the meeting rooms found over your current Wi-Fi networks will be visible in the app.
    In case, you don't see your meeting room in the presented list, try searching for it using the search box on top of the list.

  2. If prompted, enter the 4-digits pincode.
    The pincode can be found on the meeting room display wallpaper.

  3. Connection to the meeting room established, start sharing the content from your devices to the ClickShare Base Unit.

The meeting room is NOT on the same network as your device

If the meeting room cannot be found in the meeting room list or when searching, you will have to connect your device directly to the ClickShare Base Unit Wi-Fi access point.

  1. Connect your device to the ClickShare Base Unit Wi-Fi.
    1. Go to Settings > Wi-Fi;
    2. Select you ClickShare Base Unit Wi-Fi network (or SSID) from the list:
      The default SSID to connect to the Base Unit is 'ClickShare-<serial base number>'.
    3. Enter the password (default is clickshare).

  2. Open the app, your device is connected to the meeting room display

  3. Start sharing the content from your devices to the ClickShare Base Unit.

Sharing your screen

  1. Tap the big white circle in the app.
    A system pop-up message will warn you that everything on your screen will be shared and ask you for confirmation.

  2. Tap Start Broadcast.

    After 3 seconds (approximately) the pop-up disappears and the big white circle in the app turns red. Additionally, the screen broadcasting is indicated by the red bar on the top of the screen.

  3. Your screen is now being shared to the meeting room display and you can switch to any other app on your device to share content in the meeting room.
How to stop sharing?

From any app on your device, you can tap the red icon at the top of your screen. This will show a pop-up, from which you can stop the sharing of your screen.

Alternatively, you can go back to the ClickShare App and tap the big circle to show this pop-up and stop sharing your screen.

Tap Stop Broadcast to stop sharing your screen.


Last updated Jun 14 2022

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