ClickShare Buttons embedded serial number

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Some customers might need to know the embedded serial number for whitelisting our ClickShare Buttons when they try to use ClickShare Base Units.

In those cases, their whitelisting system demands not only PID and VID but also the serial number of USB devices.

Below you may find info related to the embedded Serial Number (SN) of our ClickShare Buttons:

  • for Buttons with mass storage & audio

  • for Buttons with mass storage and without audio

These SN's are for Buttons on the current platform and since FMW version 1.8.1 for the CS(E) platform.

As for the ClickShare Conference (CX) platform:

The Button has serial number 218879000x, where x is a variable value.

1CDROM only
3CDROM + speaker

The room dock part has serial number 374621000x, where x is a variable value.

1Camera only
2Speakerphone only
3Camera + speakerphone
4Mass storage only
5Mass storage + camera
6Mass storage + speakerphone
7Mass storage + camera + speakerphone


Last updated Jun 14 2022

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